Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Dead Sea - Israel

A few months back I had a friend tell me about his experience in a sensory deprivation tank. He said you go into a completely dark tank and float in salty water for an hour. The cool thing though, he said, is that the water is so salty you’re completely buoyant and don’t have to swim at all. The water is also body temperature, so when you lay on your back and relax you feel as if you’re suspended in nothingness. As terrifying as this sounds, “Experts” will tell you that this is a great way to calm your mind and create an environment of forced mediation.

Personally, this sounds like the LEAST relaxing thing imaginable. Being trapped in a tank full of water in the dark… Um… I think I’ll pass.

With that being said, when I went to Israel on my birthright trip one of the main points of interest was the Dead Sea. Similar to the sensory deprivation tank this water is warm and salty enough to keep you buoyant. The main and most significant difference however, is that you are not, by any means, trapped in a giant tank in the dark.

Instead you are in the warm Israeli sun, and surrounded by other tourists and the elderly who come to the sea for it’s healing powers. Let me tell you, the Dead Sea was amazing! And everything you’ve heard about it is absolutely true.

Yes! You can float without swimming
Yes! The scenery is spectacular
Yes! You can rub mud on your face and body and you may (or may not) feel a difference in your skin
Yes! The salt is SUPER sharp and you should definitely wear water shoes when entering the water
Yes! Every orifice you have will burn (Yes! Vaseline will prevent this)
Yes! Don’t get that water in your eyes or mouth--trust me, it’s not fun

We had a blast trying to flip ourselves over, which is surprisingly difficult, and finding new and interesting ways to float in the water. Some highlights below.

Note: Make sure to rinse off after going in the Dead Sea! The water is so salty you’ll be covered in dry crusty salt for the rest of the day if you don’t.

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