Trip on the Hogwarts Express

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Just in time for Halloween - Potter style! This was one of my favorite experiences in Scotland. Not only because I'm a HUGE Harry Potter fan, but because it's so unique and one of the most beautiful ways to travel through this country.

More commonly known as the Jacobite Steam Train, this beauty can take you all over Scotland. My route was from Fort William all the way out to Mallaig. One of the highlights on this route is that you get to ride over the Glenfinnan viaduct. You'll recognize this iconic bridge from the second movie when Harry and Ron are looking for the Hogwarts express in their flying car.

Make sure to make your trip more magical with a chocolate frog and the iconic Scottish drink Irn Bru (the drink isn't in HP, but its hugely popular in Scotland, plus its orange!).

The cool thing about this steam train is that it actually runs from Steam - which is less of a "duh" statement when you realize that most "steam trains" only use the chimney steam as a show. On this train if you're sitting onboard while the train is moving you'll be sure to get some flakes of ash and coal that come in the windows from the engine.

Also pro tip, sit on the right side of the train! The scenery is better from there.

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