The Art of Deception

Updated: Dec 30, 2020


Despite what you may be thinking, this post does not teach you to lie. Sorry. Instead it looks at the gorgeous view that is Deception Pass, Washington.

Deception Pass is the bridge between Upper Whidbey Island and the main land. This bridge is sometimes called the "pass to nowhere" since it has a very unusual fog pattern. Usually the fog obscures the opposite end of the bridge so it seems as if the bridge continues into nothing. We were lucky enough to make it to this point with no visibility issues, and the view was spectacular! See where we came from in my last post about Ebey's Landing.

There isn't much to do in the area except stop and take some very pretty pictures of the bridge. PRO TIP: Don't pay for access to the national park. It is not very close the bridge, and you can simply drive over the actual bridge and park your car in the little offshoot. Then you merely walk down the trail to the viewing platform, or down on the trails by the lake. Just be careful, they can be steep!

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