Prague Part II

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

We woke up EARLY this morning! Annie had read in our trusty Rick Steves Eastern Europe guide book that you should get to the Prague Castle as soon as the doors open to avoid the line. We made our way up to the castle, sneaking our way in through the back which landed us directly at the ticket office and mouth of the Saint Vitus Cathedral. With the exception of 8 separate brides doing photoshoots (not exaggerating) we were virtually the only people there. We waited for tickets and headed into Saint Vitus Cathedral.

We purchased tickets that let us enter the majority of the property. After making the executive decision to pass the actual castle (we’d read reviews that it wasn’t fabulous) we made our way to the Golden Lane. This narrow alley boasts miniature houses that at one time were home to several castle marksmen. Now, they’re done up a bit so they look more like Disneyland and less like old barracks. They’re still fun to see, and have working stores and some historical elements.

Legend behind the name “Golden Lane”

“One of the homes on Golden Lane was owned by a doctor of philosophy named Uhle. He spent all his money on old books about magic, and performed secret experiments in his home lab with the hopes of creating gold. One night the people on Golden Lane heard an explosion from his house. When firefighters entered the house and extinguished fire, they found Uhle dead with a yellow stone in his hand. Gold. How the gold got into the house is still unknown, maybe Uhle himself created it...”

After ambling around the castle grounds, we started down the steps that descend into Prague proper. We walked down the Old Castle Stairs but ducked into a little cafe with a sign called called the “Coffee In Garden.” This little cafe may be the highlight of our tour to Prague Castle. It was tiny, empty of tourists and boasted the best view of Prague I’d ever seen. We had cookies and tea and watched the rest of the city wake up around us.

After strolling through much of the city we stopped at a cute little cafe near the John Lennon wall called Velkoprevorsky. This cute little spot was right on the canal in front of a water wheel and overlooked Lover’s Bridge. We started with some pretzels--heads up they charge you even though they’re just on the table--and then moved on to Goulash, which was actually quite tasty, despite the heat of the day!

Since it was 90+ degrees we had to go in search of sunscreen, an all too common issue for me. However, this caused us to cross Vltava, and what did we spot? Paddle boats! We decided to join in the water fun--after finding and applying sunscreen of course. We paddled around for about an hour, weaving in and around the other paddle boats and larger water taxis, basking in the sun and enjoying our time on the water! We ended our afternoon with a large gelato at a shop Annie had scouted out prior to our trip called Angelato, where we tried Coconut Ash and Salted Caramel flavors. They were killer. We’d highly recommend this gelato shop if you need a quick cool-me-down!

We made our way back to our Airbnb to prepare for our Czech Beer and Food Tour. To read about that experience click here!

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