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Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Those who know me know that if I get the chance to travel, I will. So when my boss suggested I take some time off to make up for an exceptionally grueling project, I jumped at the chance. Where could I go with only two weeks notice for a few days that had a cheap flight, decent weather, and would be the least difficult to navigate as a woman solo? My options looked like Bora Bora, the South of France and Iceland.

While I would love to go to Bora Bora and revisit the South of France, I realized that those two places aren't exactly conducive for my solo trip, here's my reasoning:

Bora Bora:

- First downside: Sunburn. I can't sunscreen my own back which means I would spending an awful lot of time being rubbed by strangers or I'd come back looking like a lobster. Strike 1.

- Second downside: Couples. If you ever want to really feel the sting of being single, be around couples--especially in a honeymoon destination. Strike 2.

- Third downside: Personal belongings. Have you ever been the beach solo? No? Well, get ready to feel paranoid about the personal effects you've brought with you. Cellphone? Purse? Not exactly items you can swim easily with. Strike 3.


South of France:

- First downside: Also sunburn. See above. Strike 1.

- Second downside: Also couples. See above. Strike 2.

- Third downside: Wine. I enjoy drinking, especially wine. There are so many wonderful places in the South of France to go wine tasting, wouldn't be a shame if I had to act as my own DD and stop myself from getting to the "silly" stage of wine drunk? Strike 3.


So Iceland it was! Here are the qualifiers that led me to Iceland:

- First upside: Sunburn. Nearly non-existent as Iceland is covered by clouds 99% of the year. HIT 1.

- Second upside: Couples. Yeah they exist there too, but Iceland isn't your typical honeymoon destination... Those adventurous couples who do venture to Iceland, typically like to drive the ring road in their own hipster van. #privacy HIT 2.

- Third upside: FREAKING ICELAND. Have you seen photos of this place? If you haven't, get ready... It's freaking magical.

HIT 3,4 & 5.

Note: My mom ended up coming with me on this trip which made for a lovely addition! We drove the entire ring road, stopping at waterfalls, glaciers, lava fields, and so many fjords it'll make your head spin.

More to come!

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