Lunch Series - Claremont, California

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

It wasn’t until High School that I finally got to experience some of the best of Claremont’s lunch spots. There are actually quite a few places that you should try!

Dr. Grubbs

Probably one of my favorite lunch spots in downtown Claremont. This little restaurant knows how to make delicious food! It can take quite a while to get through the line sometimes, so maybe try calling ahead and placing an order to go. One of my favorite memories is getting Dr. Grubbs in the summer and taking it over to the college where my mom worked and eating together in the garden near her office. With that being said it doesn’t need to be a special occasion when eating here because it’s actually pretty healthy!

WHAT TO TRY: Blackened Chicken with honey mustard dressing, and the Balsamic bowtie pasta -- this might be my absolute favorite type of cold pasta!

Los Jarritos

A Seder family staple, Los Jarritos doubles as both a lunch spot and dinner spot, and on the not-so-rare day, both. Check out the full story on LJ’s here! This place if freaking delicious. Hands down the best Mexican food we’ve found in all of Los Angeles, this place has become a once or twice weekly occurrence for my family. We know quite a lot of the staff and don’t even need a menu anymore…

WHAT TO TRY: Chicken enchiladas with green sauce, chips and salsa, carne asada either in burrito form or tostada, Splurge meal: carne asada burrito enchilada style with green sauce

Warehouse Pizza

Okay, so technically this place is not in Claremont but in neighboring La Verne. This joint is your quintessential childhood pizza place. Frequented by soccer teams, families, and even the occasional business lunch meeting, this place knows how to make some pizza. Now you won’t find any artisanal pizza here, don’t even mention goat cheese or prosciutto, they don’t have it... This place is for traditional, dab-with-a-napkin-it’s-so-greasy old style NY pizza. You won’t be disappointed.

WHAT TO TRY: Cheese, pepperoni, veggie pizza. The Chef’s salad.


A Claremont staple, Walter’s has been around since 1957. Boasting Afghani influenced food this place is a bit fancier than most places downtown. It is a sit down, white tablecloth place, with a super attentive wait staff. Walter’s also has a great story of evolving overtime in the downtown. Check out their website for the full story.

WHAT TO TRY: Curried turkey sandwich, chicken salad


Growing up this smoothie shop/cafe was my favorite lunchtime treat. As an adult it’s slowly slipped down the list. While they still make killer sandwiches, and the best smoothies you’ll find in Claremont, be ready to wait for a while. That has been the biggest deterrent with Podges since you can’t get out of there within 30 minutes. It’s a smoothie, c’mon people! With that being said it still is worth a go since the food is quite good.

WHAT TO TRY: Honey smoked ham sandwich, Caprese sandwich. Smoothies: Raspberry Lime Rickie, Peaches ‘N’ Cream, Strawberries ‘N’ Cream, Blueberry Zing, Lime Sublime.

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