How to (NOT) order a beer in the Czech Republic

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

For any of you who like beer and are traveling around Eastern Europe, this post is for you. The Czech Republic is renowned for its beer. *Think* “Pilsner, Braník, Budweiser.” However, there are quite a few ways to order beer whilst in Prague, as I learned the hard way. Our second stop was in Cesky Krumlov, and after a long hard day my friend Annie and I decided to order some delicious Prague brewskies. However, when we got to the beer section we were confused. There were 3 different prices for each of the beers, which we assumed were the different sizes. But each had the same liquid measurement... *raised eyebrow* What were these three options?

They were listed as follows:

  • Hla Dinka

  • Snyt

  • Mleko

And no, google translate doesn’t know any of these words, we tried. Our waiter also didn’t speak a word of english, so that explanation was out of the question. We were hot and thirsty and just wanted some nice cool beer to relax, so we decided to try the Mleko option. This is what the waiter placed in front of us.

After much giggling we decided to roll with it and just enjoy our “Mleko pour.” Mleko, or milk pour, we discovered is one of the three options for how much head (foam) you’d like in your beer. A milk pour has the most foam, roughly ¾ of the glass. Snyt, is half foam, and Hla Dinka is the least amount of foam.

Our discovery surprised us, but after our Comedy of Errors in Cesky Krumlov, this mistake was the icing on the cake. Both Annie and I were laughing so hard that all the tension from our frustrating day melted away. We enjoyed our glass of foam and proceeded to accidentally order 8 Prague dumplings (knedliky) instead of 4.

Belatedly, I realized I had already taken a picture of the different types of pours available in the Czech Republic while we were in Prague. See below. Had I looked carefully I would have seen that these were in fact not different beers, but different pours.

Hopefully this can save you some hassle on your future trips to Eastern Europe!

Na zdraví! (Cheers!)

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