#Friendimoon 2017

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

My friend Annie and I have been friends since Junior year in high school (2010). We bonded over our dislike of high school life, our stint as Track & Field captains, and our love of bagels and iced tea. Eight years later and our friendship is still going strong! Although we don't live anywhere near each other--she's in Seattle and I'm in San Francisco--and we don't communicate all that regularly, when we do manage to see each other we fall right back in where we left off! Just two weirdos, faking it 'til we make it through adult life!

Since we both attended schools in separate states after high school we never ended up taking any sort of graduation trip, either high school or college, so we decided it was time to treat ourselves! The planning commenced and we both requested two and a half weeks off from our respective companies. We had about two months to plan and spent many an evening on the phone with each other discussing different routes, places to stay and of course what to see. Check out our #friendimoon itinerary:

Eastern Europe Itinerary:

1. June 17 - Fly from Oakland to Stockholm to Prague

2. June 18 - Prague

3. June 19 - Prague

4. June 20 - Train to Cesky Krumlov

5. June 21 - Cesky Krumlov - Budapest

6. June 22 - Budapest

7. June 23 - Budapest

8. June 24 - Car to Zagreb (3hrs) drive to Lake Bled (2hrs)

9. June 25 - Lake Bled

10. June 26 - Lake Bled drive to Caves of Skocjanske-Jame, drive to Rovinj (2.5hrs)

11. June 27 - Rovinj drive to Plitvice Lakes (3hrs), drive to Split (2.5hrs)

12. June 28 - Split ferry to Dubrovnik

13. June 29 - Dubrovnik

14. June 30 - Dubrovnik bus to Mostar

15. July 1 - Mostar bus to Sarajevo (3hrs) flight to Stockholm (2hrs)

16. July 2 - Stockholm

17. July 3 - Fly Stockholm to Oakland

We had a few change of plans while on this trip which I'll go into more detail about in each of these posts! This is how it ultimately ended up working out though!

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