Falling In Love with Boston

Leaf peeping is a term I only learned recently. Hailing from the West Coast, more specifically California, our fall time looks about the same as any other season. Which is to say warm and dry... While some folks, particularly those that live in colder regions, ooze jealousy when I say that, I’ll counter with this: it never truly feels like the holidays here when every day is sunny and 75. I’ve always dreamt about a fall or winter where the leaves turn colors and snow lays on the ground. You sip cocoa bundled up by a fire, and decorate your tree wearing a horrible Christmas sweater. Instead in California, you’ll find me decorating the cactus my mom brings in—which she keeps year round in our yard—while sweating in the ugly sweater I insisted on wearing even though it’s 80 degrees and my little sister is in the pool. On the plus side though, there is never any snow to shovel...

When I decided to take a week off this fall, I couldn‘t help myself. Why not travel to the East Coast where they’re famous for having a crazy beautiful autumn featuring all of the things I want from fall? The answer, literally no reason not to. So I convinced my boyfriend, Trevor, to come with me and we headed out! First on the list was Boston.

Though we had only been traveling for 2 days (we stopped briefly in NY to visit a friend of Trevor’s) Boston became our favorite spot on the trip. Our hotel was in downtown, so on our first night we spent the evening wandering around Little Italy. We tried and ultimately failed at getting a cannoli from Mikes Pastry, but settled at a cafe right down the street for dessert. While eating our slightly inferior cannolis and sipping espresso martinis we watched the tourists in line at Mikes and the locals wandering around this popular Boston district. This was clearly the place to be!

Our next stop was the Harvard campus, to meet up with my cousin who works at MIT and her husband. The walk was BEAUTIFUL! If you think the New York brownstones are spectacular, they've got nothing on the Boston ones... Stoop decorating is never something I've been able to partake in, but if I had house like this, I'd definitely deck the halls.

Once we made it to Harvard, my cousin took us a lovely little pastry shop called Tatte and on a brief tour of the campus. Due to COVID the campus was miraculously empty and apparently it’s very rare to see the commons without hundreds of tourists. In all honesty, it made me sad for the students of Harvard who don’t get to enjoy the beauty of their own campus because there are too many people on it...

After that we walked to Lamplighter Brewery for a quick bite and beer. Such a cute little spot with some killer craft beer.

Later that night we headed back into Little Italy to walk the famous Freedom Trail. We stopped briefly at Old State House, Faneuil Hall, Paul Revere's house, and finally the Old North Church. It's a super cool experience and definitely worth it if you're in town, especially if you're a history buff. To end our night we headed to a sushi restaurant called Tora right next to Chinatown. Not your typical sushi this place was definitely on the higher end and had some obscure options--all of which were pretty good.

Heading into our last day in Boston we were encouraged to stop by Curio Coffee on our way out of town to try their Liege Waffles. This was BY FAR my favorite food recommendation on this trip. These waffles were phenomenal! Had we not driven away on the road to New Hampshire, Trevor and I would have devoured at least 5 more... Highly highly HIGHLY recommended!

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