Breakfast Series - Claremont, California

Updated: Dec 30, 2020


Mornings in Claremont were always my favorite. It’s cool, crisp, and in the summer the sun hasn’t risen high enough to give me a sunburn within 10 minutes of stepping outside. Seriously. Mornings are the best!

My dad and I had a tradition of waking up early and frequenting one of the bakeries in town. Okay, we really only frequented one specific bakery called Some Crust located down in the Claremont Village. However, we have eaten breakfast elsewhere before, and here are our Claremont recommendations!


This tiny shop is a local staple that makes homemade pastries, breakfast sandwiches, and arguably the best coffee in the whole damn town. You’ll see tons of Claremonter’s climbing off bikes, walking dogs, and sitting outside in the sun sipping their morning Joe. While there isn’t a lot of seating, directly next door to the bakery is another little sitting area where (pro tip) you can also order food if the line in the original bakery is too long. There is also a teeny bit of seating outside.

WHAT TO TRY: Coffee, chocolate croissant, cream cheese danish, daily scone, daily fresh bread, and make sure your dog friends get to try a treat of their own called Buster Biscuits.

42nd Street Bagel

This bagelry is also in Claremont’s downtown. Directly next to Rhino records - the famous record store - this little joint is by far the best place for a bagel in Claremont! It’s decorated after famous 42nd in New York, and the decor on the wall doesn’t fall short. There’s a super tacky and totally fitting mural painted on the wall, checkered floors, and so many references to Broadway it’s ridiculous.

WHAT TO TRY: My favorite is the Honey Glazed bagel (be warned, it’s sweet), Cheese bagel, Everything Bagel, and my mom swears by the Cheese and Tomato melt. Also make sure to get the blueberry coffee if it’s there (sounds scary, but don’t worry it's not sweetened), or a nice iced tea!

Village Grill

If you’re looking for a traditional diner breakfast look no further than the Village Grill. This place is your typical diner, serving exactly what you’d expect. Hashbrowns, eggs, thick cut bacon, pancakes, waffles, you get the gist... Even the waitresses are semi-dressed up to fit the theme of the restaurant to put you in that 50’s breakfast mood.

WHAT TO TRY: Literally anything, it’s diner food. You know what you’re getting…

Le Pain Quotidien

You’ve probably seen Le Pain before, and thought of that looks like a nice little French breakfast place, and you’d be right. A little on the fancier side, this place serves higher end breakfast food like gourmet oatmeal and fancy scrambles with goat cheese. Fun fact, in French Le Pain Quotidien means “The Daily Bread”

WHAT TO TRY: Butternut Squash & Goat Cheese Frittata, Smoked Salmon salad, Chicken Curry Salad, Egg Salad Toast

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