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Updated: Dec 30, 2020

“It’s February again! How is that possible? Wasn’t New Years just last week?” I’ve heard statements like these a few times in the last couple of days, and I feel the exact same way. 2018 is cruising and I can’t believe that it’s already month 2!

Being February, everyone knows that Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. I've never been much of a gift person and have always struggled to find gifts that I feel express the emotions I'd like to share with another individual. Now, I don’t mind receiving or giving the occasional gift, but I’ve decided what is the most meaningful to me are shared experiences with the ones I love.

That’s why for this Valentine’s Day, we’re doing something different! Instead of buying a watch, or a sweater, I’m looking for an experience that I can share with my boyfriend Adam, that both of us enjoy. Below are some examples of the experiences I’m talking about! The first one is what we’ve decided to do for Valentine’s Day… We’ll of course throw in dinner as well!

Wine & Painting Class - Pinos & Palettes

These classes are rapidly taking off all over the country. You and your partner will sit down and enjoy a nice glass of wine, while being taught how to paint. Each class has a specific painting and everyone seems to have their own interpretation of it. Since I haven’t gone to this class before, here are some pictures of my brother and his wife at one. "What if I can’t paint?" you ask. Well, my brother is one of the least drawing/painting inclined people I’ve ever met, and even he managed to create something resembling a picture--while drinking--so you can too! Everyone I've spoken to loved this experience and recommended it as something enjoyable that two people can do together.

Night out at the Symphony - San Francisco Symphony

The symphony has always been on my bucket list of things to do while living in San Francisco. For Christmas my boyfriend got us tickets to finally go see a show! If you haven’t already done this, it could be a fun thing to do on Valentine’s Day. It’s about 2-hours long and they usually feature a particular musician or conductor. When we went, the pianist Emanuel Ax was there, and was fantastic! Another cool thing about the San Francisco Symphony is that they have an informational session beforehand where you can learn about the music you’ll be hearing later in the evening. (We skipped in favor of dinner, but we’ve been told those sessions are awesome!)

Sailing on the Bay - SF Sailing Capt. Kirk

This experience is obviously dependent upon your proximity to water. However, if you are near a lake or an ocean, a romantic evening sail is a wonderful way to spend Valentine’s Day! If you feel like sharing your boat (and the price) you can get a group of friends together and rent out an entire vessel complete with a captain! If you think you’d rather spend Valentine's Day alone with your significant other, you can always look at renting a boat for a few hours during sunset. Most of these cruises offer dinner and drinks as well, but can get pretty pricey. I haven't done this yet but my parents have, and they look like they enjoyed themselves!

Kayaking on the Bay - City Kayak

A cheaper alternative to the above option is a kayaking adventure! Since Adam has kayaks we’ve done this adventure together before and brought our own food and drink. It was lovely! We “parked” our kayaks outside of the McCovey cove, and devoured the sandwiches and beer we brought. It was awesome! If you don’t have kayaks, there are several companies that sell kayak adventures up in the bay area, including a sunset/nighttime one (link above). I’d always recommend kayaking with a guide at night, the bay has some strong currents and you wouldn’t want to risk it!

Dinner at the Movies - Alamo Drafthouse, AMC Kabuki 8

There are two of these cinemas in San Francisco that I know about, The Alamo Drafthouse in the Mission and the Kabuki Theater in the Fillmore District. These cinemas are so much fun! You’ll get to recline in nice comfy chairs, and dine on some delicious food while watching a new release or a classic film. The food is delicious, and you can even end your meal with a boozy milkshake--which I highly recommend. Funny story, last year (before meeting Adam) my roommate and I went to a showing of the Princess Bride and did just that! It’s a nice way to spend a single Valentine’s Day as well!

Since Valentine's Day is a special occasion, go ahead and treat yourself to one of these activities (or others) so you can enjoy your time with your significant other in a fun and exciting setting. For me, experiences trump presents at all turns. We’re still looking to explore more options and fun things to do in the bay, what are you and your loved one going to do on February 14th? Comment below!

One more thing to note: You can never go wrong with flowers!

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