Chicken Enchilada for the Soul

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

If you’ve ever met me or my family members in person and had a discussion about food, you’ve undoubtedly heard about our favorite Los Angeles restaurant, Los Jarritos. LJ’s has been a Seder family tradition since there were only 2 Seder’s living in Southern California. My parents discovered this restaurant when my mom was pregnant with my brother and for the first few months she would only eat their chicken tostadas. As we grew up, the LJ’s fever spread. A multiple times a week meal (I’m not kidding), this place has become a Seder family staple. We’ve gone to this restaurant so many times we know most of the staff there and they us, and our orders are memorized. Psssh who needs menus anyways, right? We even have pet names for some of our favorite servers, our favorites: Mean Guy and Nice Guy. So named because we have a love hate relationship with Mean Guy and a purely love love relationship with Nice Guy. Mean guy acquired his name after countless failed chips and salsa refills, or when he conveniently has his blinders on when my sister inevitably needs a side of cheese. Nice Guy, well, that’s pretty straight forward. He’s a cool guy. We love them both though and Los Jarritos wouldn’t be the same without them!

Back to the food.

First things first, the chips and salsa. We can eat basket after basket of these freshly made chips, and in our family we’re closer to drinking the salsa than politely dipping our chips in it. Seriously… This salsa means business since it even comes with a spoon. If you’re feeling spicy, ask for a side of Green Sauce it’ll make your taste buds do the conga.

Other than the chips, we’ve compiled a list of what you need to try: (note: none of this is fancy, just damn good)

  • Chicken Enchiladas WITH GREEN SAUCE (my personal favorite)

  • Carne Asada Burrito WITH GREEN SAUCE

  • Tostada with chicken or carne asada

  • Bean and Cheese Burrito with red or GREEN SAUCE

  • Huevos Rancheros (My mom tells me this is good, but I’ve been eating the same enchilada order for the last 15 years… so just take her word for it...)

  • Splurge Meal: Carne Asada burrito enchilada style with GREEN SAUCE

Carne Asade Tostada

Chicken Enchilada with Green Sauce

Moral of the story, everything is better with Green Sauce!

Pro tip, you can order a dozen or so enchiladas, chips, and giant buckets of red and green salsa to go if you don’t want to show your face multiple times a week :) another pro tip, they make homemade tamales during the Holidays.

Fun Fact: Los Jarritos means “The Jar”

2nd Fun Fact: This is Los Jarritos II, the original is down in Pomona (and we don’t think it’s as good)

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